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July 09, 2009


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Oh he's very sweet, isn't he. I think Robins might be my favourite bird. Loved seeing them throughout Jan and Feb over here. xx

So gorgeous! He looks like the Robin in my copy of The Secret Garden.

you are such an amazingly prolific artist and this little guy is too darling.

i have a post going up tomorrow morning with you in it so be sure to check it out:)

Yes know what you mean about the changing of the seasons...up here in brissie there's not much difference and you don't get to wear gorgeous winter coats...although i sometimes do...and get strange looks....

Adorable little drawing--I'm quite fond of Robins; perhaps because that is my mother's name and Robin Hood was awesome of course...

Oh gosh, here I've been moaning about how cold it is in 'tropical Queensland' and I'm thinking I should just be thankful I don't live some place where it's actually COLD! Especially after reading fellow Brissy Chrisy's comment above. Oh boy! Very red-faced now...

How sweet your Little Round Robin is! I like that he is a little tubby. He looks like he's been indulging in a few too many treats. Possibly a strategy he uses to keep warm in chilly Sydney. I should try that! Chocolates here I come!!!!!!! The thought alone is making me warmer :)

Aw, he looks so cute and fluffy!

He's such a cutie!!

Love that sweet bird. Mika

Little Round Robin, soo cute! xx.

You're so lucky Top Bird! Not only do you live in London but you also get Robins! *sigh*

Thank you Penny! The Robin in The Secret Garden is kind of central to the plot as I recall! I think my Robin is pretty chuffed with the comparison!

Thank you so much Christina! I love your art gallery - it's so nice to have art in the house I think! It's an honour to be part of the collection!

Ah! Chrisy! I totally agree with you there! One of the joys of winter is the winter coat! I have a favourite I have trotted out for the past two winters.

Clothes Horse - I think Robin is such a pretty name! You Mum is lucky to be named after such a sweet little bird!

Hiya Tracy! I've actually been looking at many photos of Robins and they actually resemble tiny round balls of feathers most of the time! They are quite remarkable looking and I can understand why the world loves them so. I think cold is all relative isn't it? I think an Eskimo would think we're all quite mad complaining about the cold "You think this is cold, I'll show you cold, people!"

Parapluie, Mika, Rebecca and Miriam - thank you! My Robin says a geartfelt thanks also for the compliments on his fluffiness and roundness!

i think mr robin is very handsome, he gets to wear a nice red coat! I want one too!

He's adorable. I love the way you capture expressions dear Sam, even in animals... so talented!♥

We used to have a "birdy ball" (as I called it) on our balcony in France to feed any hungry winter birds. We had wrens, sparrows and another migratory bird that I have no idea what they are called in English (etourneau sansonnet it is a common starling I have just found out and they all got, especially those sparrows, rather fat like your little robin. He is very fluffy looking. He is lovely.
I just took over your comments reminiscing. Sigh.

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