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July 20, 2009


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She's so pretty! I want to be Joan! Or be friends with her :D

I think she'd like that Penny! :)

I love Joan and her corsage! The flowers perfectly match her rosey cheeks! I always enjoy seeing your creative efforts from your weekends!

That flowers are amazing on her!!!

joan's flowers are gorgeous.

(p.s. i see you prints ever morning when i'm getting ready and they make me smile!)

she's beautiful. looks a lot like my babysister. xx

How lovely! Such talent you have!

Joan would make a beautiful tattoo!

Joan looks very sweet, love you style! xx

oh joan! aren't you a pretty little thing!!!

Joan is lovely Sam! I hope you don't mind but I put her in my post from today... ♥

Hope you had a wonderful weekend... it's so hot here! :(

So gorgeous! The flowers are the best part.

she is beautiful

joan is beautiful !

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