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July 25, 2009


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oh, this movie looks so cool! i must watch it!!!

hope your weekend is fab!!! :)

happy weekend for you too!

One of my favorite films dear Sam!! I love Godard. Such fantastic coolness in all his films and that's certainly one of my most beloved 'unexpected dance scenes'.... I love the frame by frame sequence you posted and had no idea it was called 'the Madison'. You're blog never ceases to amaze, educate and entertain!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.♥xo

Oh I so wish you lived in the same city as me Sam! We could hang out together and watch Godard films and other fun stuff! You have no idea how much I adore that film. In particular that dance scene!!! I blogged about my love for this film sometime last year...I'll go find the link to the post and pop back with it in case you're interested. You've chosen the perfect way to capture the happiness felt at the end of the working week! I can totally relate to that! I'm feeling that joy only just now because my working week ended a day later than ususal this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Sam! xo

Back again! My post link to Bande a part:

I'm sorry I don't know how to make the link clicky here. I'm not very techie...


Oh wow look at that! It came up clicky all by itself! Yay!

...I'm far too easily amused :D

Oh! I love that scene. But I think I like "A Woman Is A Woman" better than this film...this one struck me as rather sad...

Oh, I really think I have to watch it!

Sounds great...I've done the Madison at country your weekend stretches loooooooooooonnnnngggggg and is a happy one!

Oh drollgirl! Do it! It's fun and awesome...and a whole heap of other things in between! A good weekend to you too!

Epe! Happy weekend again to you and your travelling gnome!

Gabbi : "Such fantastic coolness in all his films" man! You have such a way with words Gabbi! You've totally hit the nail on the head there! How does he DO that? It's a gift!!

Tracy! Fellow Nouvelle Vague lover! I salute you! Thank you so much for the link - shall go and check it out immediately!!!

Ah yes The Clothes Horse you speak the truth here! It is sad, sad, sad. I won't say what is particularly sad because I don't want to give the plot away to those who haven't seen it.

La Parapluie - I strongly urge you to see this wonderful film! I think you'd love it! In fact, knowing how whimsical you are - I think you'd love it!

...and to you also Chrisy!! The Madison! Wowsers - that is way cool you've done it yourself - must learn it!

That is cool, I'll search for that movie. Mika
P.s love Harry

Another reason to like you even more Sam... Love this film!
Lovely weekend darling! xo*

The costumes in this movie look great. I guess I really need to see it.

I just saw this film for the first time a few months ago [it is one of my boyfriend's faves], and I had mixed feelings about the movie as a whole, but LOVED the dance scene...I really want to practice this dance and just bust it out at the next party ;)

Ps. You have more awards! :D


i love this movie!

Oooh, I've heard of this movie but never seen it! Looks adorable. :)

i love this scene :)

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