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July 17, 2009


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That second illustration is SO stunning! What an amazingly talented hand. And even though it's summer here in London, the rain is lashing down and thunder crackling as I type. Hope you're having a beautiful day :)

And here we are getting giddy that it is only going to be in the 90's this weekend [I don't know what the conversion is...but it is HOT] -- better than the 100 degrees of the past few weeks... Have a wonderful, chilly weekend!

Lovely images! You think Sydney is cold. I'm in Hobart. Double Brrrr.

Have a great weekend!

i wish it was friday here!
of course i'll add you! you are one of my favorites :)

it's cold here too, i miss sumertime...

Those are hilarious. I like the fact you actually have to look at them to get the joke--everything done today seems to be so "in your face." I hope you survive the cool weather...winter is my least favorite season.

It's funny how I forget it's winter in other parts of the world! Somewhere I'd love to visit I might add! Hope you can enjoy some hot cocoa :) xx

Love the second cartoon! It's actually a nice day here in Melbourne today.

My background is Advertising, Charles Adams is our hero in this industry...great post darling! ~XO*
ps: enjoy the's still hot here!

i hope you have a fantastic weekend, and i sure love these cartoons!

Love both those cartoons by Charles Adams! I didn't know he was the creator of The Adams Family. No surprises there! I mean about me not knowing ;) Sorry you've been experiencing sucky weather. Hey you're perfectly entitled to grumble! I have my fingers crossed for you for a super sunny weekend. Hope you have some nice things planned. Sometimes not having any plans can be just as wonderful! Happy Friday to you Sam! :D

oh the addams family! i used to love watching the black and white tv show when i was a kid ~ much better than the munsters!
i just wish they would re-run it, even in the wee hours of the morning would be acceptable and i could tape it!
although i really should check out more of these cartoons... :)

btw, Spanner will frogive you one day... he's a bit of a sulker!


his cartoons are so funny!
wish you a lovely weekend too, sweets.


Hi Sam,
it's me again...have a little surprise on my side bar for you...Click to your drawing & we are linked!
Hope it's alright with you...

eeek, cold, wet AND windy. Not good. Those cartoons are so sweet. I always amazes me how much work goes into one of those.

I love his work dear Sam, especially the Adams Family cartoon. They reenacted that for one of the films didn't they?

Also your weather sounds heavenly! :) It's so hot here right now... and it's only getting hotter over the weekend. I didn't want to admit it, but I miss winter.

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