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July 10, 2009


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I totally adore the illustrations in this post, those sleek lines, exquisite details.
And I also loved Gabbi's post on your work. Gabbi rocks!

these works are so beautiful!!!

your fan base must be expanding by the second! i saw these posts that mentioned you/your blog/your beautiful work! YAY! may the cash start rolling in! :)

These are such beautiful inspiring pieces by Georges Barbier. Thank you for sharing them! Also, thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I have been a long time admirer of your work. You, your work, your blog all very classy. ;)

these prints are spectacular! have a wonderful weekend.

I totally agree Mary-Laure! Sleek lines just about says it all I think! ...and yes, Gabbi totally rocks!! :)

Thanks drollgirl! Go the fan base I say! :)

Amy *blush*! The feeling is 110% mutual I can assure you!

Thank you Christina! and a wonderful weekend to you too! Many thanks again for the post! It was an honour!

Wow!! These are amazing! I want to learn more about Barbier...

These are so perfect! I particularly love the one with fireworks.

His illustrations are so stunning. Those last 3 are simply divine.
Thanks for doing an encore!

Aren't they special Tara! In my last post on Barbier I have a link to some info about him but I'm sure you could fnd out more if you googled him.

Amelia - the fireworks one is a favourite of mine too - so romantic and dreamy! Barbier was very clever at creating a mood I think!

I love George Barbier! Had a calendar with all his work too last year. Saved the prints to put up on the wall -- so snazzy!

well at least I'm becoming more and more a bike gal! I love tha fact that I can go wherever I want to and not have to take the car(which i don't even have) or a bus!! you get your excercise, you save money and you save the enviorment aswell!

I'm glad you're getting lots of publicity you're so worth it!

these fridays are flying round fast at the moment! love these pics again, especially the gratuitous bum shot in the last one... ;)

btw, thanks for the pot holder appreciation... Spanner is very proud!


I love Georges Barbier work. Fantastic illustrations...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog dear Sam. I'm such a fan and I absolutely adore the way your illustrations decorate my home.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!♥♥

hey! thank you for the visit! I like your blog too, is really cool! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You're too sweet :)

barbiers work is really excellent but you're really up there as well! i'm really taken with all your drawings.

thank you for mentioning me as well. you're def an eye-opener, never seen myself as a jet setting fashionista : )

Thanks so much for sharing the delightful work of Georges Barbier! Congrats on being featured on all those blogs. All very well deserved as your artwork is exceptionally original, unique and beautiful! Have yourself a wonderful weekend. Keep warm. Rug up! :)

These are awesome!

I adore these, why couldn't I have been born in the 1920s...?

I especially love the second one, very elusive and erotic at the same time. They knew what they were doing those art deco artists. So clean.

They are such beautiful illustrations. Congratulations on your blog features too!

such lovely illustrations and your work is beautiful, no wonder you are getting lots of mentions :)

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