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July 12, 2009


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Such gorgeous fashion and photography... I really hope Frédéric Mitterrand does something. Terribly scary times aren't they?

Yes, I hope Mitterand does something too Gabbi! I think he may well as all the articles I was looking at about Lacroix said how wonderful everyone thinks he is and how he breathed new life into couture and how ground breaking his designs were. Fingers crossed!

I'm showing my ignorance here by confessing to never having heard of Christian Lacroix. When it comes to the world of fashion I'm quite clueless. Which is very obvious if you could see me! I have to say that this is one of the things I enjoy about you blog Sam. You open my eyes up to all sorts of things and people that I don't know about. And it's always a fun learning experience!

...slinking back into my very unfashionable little corner now. Dusty corner, due to choosing to read blogs over doing housework ;)

Oooops...excuse the typos in my previous comment. No fashion sense or typing sense!

It would basically be a crime against humanity for the Lacroix house to die out! Thank goodness someone is doing something about this. His pieces are magical.

Loved your pics...sometimes all the fashion pics get so overwhelming that we forget who the grand masters are...and he's one...let's hope he gets to stay around...

So glad I introduced him to you Tracy! He really was hailed as the saviour of Paris fashion when he lept onto the scene in the late '80s! Have you ever watched "Absolutely Fabulous"? Patsy is forever saying "Lacroix darling!" All the best with that naughty housework!

I totally agree with you Amelia! Three cheers for Mitterand!

Thank you Chrisy! Yes, Lacroix is Da Bomb as they say! He's got a very special thing going on there - quite unlike all the others - he's definitely up there with Gaultier, Valentino and even YSL in my opinion!

This is one of the most devastating things in fashion history, if you ask me. Clothes this lovely should never be forgotten. :)

What gorgeous things! Let's hope he's able to keep designing.

I hope they can salvage him. I would hate to live in a world without Christian Lacroix fashion.

Erika, I couldn't agree with you more. I think many people's lives are enriched by his designs. Even though I don't wear them myself , just looking at his clothes gives me enormous pleasure! They are art.

Gorgeous is a very good description Rebecca! Hopefully the French Government will rescue him!

He's a bit of an icon really isn't he Rebecca? Fingers crossed he is thrown a life line!

He is my favorite designer...I hope he sticks around.

These pictures are so dreamy and fun! I like the first one especially! The fabrics, the designs.. the COLOURS! lets hope he doesn't stop making such beautiful things!

Have a lovely week Sam

Is the French government really going to step in to save Lacroix? Really?! I do love the man but he has trouble translating his gorgeous clothes into something that actually looks good on normal ladies.

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and sympathy for the confusion that comes along with being an undergraduate :0) It truly made my day to know that someone else understands the

Also- I adore this post. The Beauty and the beast photo is my favorite. Such rich hues.

Fascinating! I am happy to hear that something might be done to save it -- what a shame otherwise! I figure if the U.S. government thinks it's important enough to bail out our lame car companies, France should definitely consider bailing out Lacroix!

i hope something happens to prevent the closure of this empire! gorgeous photos and i like all the chunky bangles.

it is so very sad

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