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July 20, 2009


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I was just reading an article that said that 6% of Americans still don't believe that any of the missions actually went to the moon. How crazy is that?

I saw a doco on all that conspiracy stuff actually Amelia and while it seemed vaguely convincing at times I think you just can't escape the fact that sooo many people would have to keep quite in order for it to remain...a secret! Interesting stat Amelia - thanks!!

Was it really 40 years ago today that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon? Wow! That's a great image you've posted! I wish my mum had collected and kept interesting old mags for me to flick through...

I have all of these schmaltzy moon songs swimming around in my head now! I'm wondering how songwriters and poets would exist without the moon? I remember doing this little study years ago (inspired by being very bored one day...) on how many times Nick Cave used the word 'moon' in all of his lyrics. I can't recall how many times it was but it was a lot!

Hope your week is off to a good start Sam :)

Wonderful tribute post dear Sam, I love hearing all the old audio and news bits... such a great time in history.♥

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