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July 15, 2009


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Wonderful loves Sam! I very much coincide on several... hope to visit Sydney one day. Such a gorgeous city. :)

hahahhaha! what can that cat possibly be listening to? xxx

Oh Gabbi! I wanted to tag you too but I saw that Alexandra had tagged you herself so...I'm thinking perhaps your list might contain a certain fluffy person whose name begins with G? P.S. I think you'd like Sydney a lot - I'd be happy to be your hostess and personal chauffeur!

Excellent point Helena! It's such a good cartoon - makes you think and lets your imagination run away with you - well mine does anyway!!

I love that list!!!

Wonderful! I was also tagged by her, and will post mine tomorrow. Art is a very good choice...and this painting is fantastic! It was so hard for me to narrow mine down...

I have the lillies picture in a "Language of Flowers" book. It's lovely isn't it? That little bob on the girl to the left.
You find the best pictures of Sydney. That's a good one.

Oooh, I want a garden with Chinese lanterns! I love both paintings in this post. :)

we have a lot in common, especially the first one :D

What beautiful art and photographs you have on your blog! It's lovely.

Thank you for your lovely comments, do stop by again! And your spelling seems perfectly fine to me :)

xx Ela

The combination of 1&2 makes me smile.

Your happy things make me a happy thing! I can relate to all of those, and while I don't live in Sydney I've spent some very happy times visiting! Sadly my Sydney holiday snaps don't include images anything like the awesome one you featured ;) I think that cat may be listening to Thelonious Monk. I believe that mice are big fans of Thelonious Monk (I have no idea why I believe this to be true btw!) so that clever cat has plugged his headphones into the mousey stereo and is enjoying the tunes of T.M. Thanks heaps for tagging me Sam. I'll do my happy post next Wednesday :D

I adore that garden picture. I almost thought it was a photograph at first. So perfect!

I think you and I would get along ;) I feel like Ramon Casa's lady in the painting most weeknights!

There's a tag and several awards waiting for you on my blog!

Spanner is disappointed with your choice for number two...!

thank you for the tag though... :)
i have a few of these i need to do now, i really need a decent blogging routine to keep up with it all... oh well, i shall get round to it soon my dear... :)


what a great tag, and of course i'll do it!

and hey, got a bit carried away in your shop. so many pretty pretty drawings. i'll send you a photo of my living room once pimped : )

p.s and as for Mad Men, I'm on the second season now. it just gets better!

oooh, i definitely fancy it. thanks for the tag! i'll try post it soon.

Thank you Hanako66!

Oh Tara! I can't tell you how hard it was to choose a painting! Impossible really, so I thought last in first out tye of thing! I'm looking forward to popping over to your blog and seeing your list - I'm sure it's incredibly on the ball!

Thanks Kate - my fellow Sydney sider! Yes, that Sargent painting is so charming!

Thank you Rebecca! I think a garden full of Chinese lanterns would be ideal actually! Especially in Summer!

Your new little pussy cat is adorable Diana - I think anything cat related will make you think of him now!

Phew Ela! Spelling is a funny thing! The more I think about it the worse it gets - I' better when I just wing it! I'll look forward to popping in on your blog again!

The clothes horse - it's a good cartoon, isn't it? It's funny and pretty at the same time - my favourite type!

Thelonias Monk Tracy!! ...I think you have some classified inside information here that mere mortals know nothing about! Hmmm...the plot thickens! I'm looking forward to your list!

Amelia - so true - it is perfection - I'd love to visit that garden!

Ondressingup! She's lovely that lady! It's a lovely thought that you do that most nights! :) Thank you so much for the awards - I shall scoot over and check them out!

Oh dear! I'm sorry for upsetting young Spanner! Really and truly - tell him I was getting pressure from the cat club! Can't wait to see your list - I'm thinking it'll include a particular handsome chap!

Thank you again Miriam for the shop love! I'm sending them off today. Looking forward to seeing your list of happy! ...and Mad Men Season TWO!!! Be still my beating heart!! I nearly faint every time I think that there is a second season about to come out!!

Oh Goody Christina!! Can't wait to see it!!

I'm glad you played along! I'd love to see Sidney someday in the future! I hope you don't have too many sacry animals there though :P

Fabulous historic photo of Sydney, there. I love your happy things! xx

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