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July 29, 2009


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Such eccentric hats!! Love it!

She's gorgeous. The colours you have used are lovely.

i love it!!! and i love these hats!!!

and i wish someone would call me dollface! oooooooh, that would make me feel FAB!

Oh, I do love a good headpiece. You would have loved the recent Hats exhibition at London's V&A recently... xx

Vintage hats are honestly one of my favorite things ever. I would totally wear that yellow one.

Hello Dollface! Beautiful emerald eyes.

Dollface is a pretty thing indeed.

I love those vintage hats. Why did people stop wearing hats, anyway? I want to wear a cute hat like those - if only it didn't make me look so out of place, haha...

Your Dollface is such a cutie with those gorgeous bright green eyes and her little button nose! The name 'snood' originated from the hat being loosley modelled on a hood form of headwear and it being intended to be worn in the snow. Nah, I totally made that up! I have no idea but it's a great name! I believe that those lovely ladies from the 40s could wear tatty old terry towelling fishing hats and still look stunning! Happy humpy Wednesday Sam :)

PS - When are you listing the Six South zine in your shop? I mentioned it on my blog today with links to the artists involved but maybe I should have held off until you all had them available in your shops! Sorry. Was just excited about it because it's such a neat idea.

Thank you, thank you everyone for Dollface lovin'! Gorgoeus excentric hats from the 40s I agree! Imagine wearing them today!! You'd be considered a radical fashionista!

Wee Birdy - *sigh* The V & A - I think I spent a total of three solid days there the last time I was in London! Would have loved the hat exhibition for sure!

Thank you Tracy for that explanation of the word "snood"! You totally had me going there for a while!! :) P.S. Six South Zine is UP!

hahahah! some crazy hats! i think i'll stick to my baseball cap eh? hehe...your hat illustration is the sweetest of them all!

You said it Helena! And to think there was a big fuss made over the new wave romantics and punks! I think these are as nearly as odd in their own way!

dollface is rocking that hat. the giant flowers are a nice touch.

Such a fan of hats but an even bigger fan of your illustrations dear Sam! She's gorgeous, truly a 'doll face'!

I wish more people now would wear crazy hats! They make everything so exciting.

Gosh, they don't make hats like they use to! Once again you put such personality into your creations that she looks like she could simply pop right off the screen and sit down for a chat and cup of coffee!

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