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July 18, 2009


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It's so great to learn more about you thanks to this post.
Rudyard Kipling - WOW!

Thank you Sam!
Interesting lists...we have quite a few things in common...errr not Rudyard Kipling of course! I have 5 pugs & not cats, I love books galore-the more bookcases the merrier! & adore The Sound of Music(blog-posted a tribute of the movie!) Well, thanks again & continue to enjoy your weekend!

~warm XO*

Mary-Laure: Rudyard, yes my one and only claim to fame!!

Oh! Lenorevermore - The Sound of Music - you too? Heaven! Note to self *must hunt out Sound of Music post*

I adore your tag Sam, it's great getting to know more about one of my favorite artists. I'm bad at Karaoke too and love the sound of music also... fantastic songs and the opening spin!♥

I'm going to get started on my honest scrap now. It sounds like a fun challenge.

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday, stay warm and dry!♥♥ And thank you... :)

Oh! "Le plaisir est pour moi" as they say in France darling Gabbi! Love, love every single one of your posts: always an absolute treat!! May your weekend be cool and comfortable!

Completely relate to #5. And wow! 6 cats! Crazy cat lady stuff - which I love by the way. Your list of 10 Things is gorgeous. I love how interesting it was and definitely lots better than the normal blogger "My birthday is on x. I love fashion. etc etc"

These are exciting facts!! :) I have a poetry books by Leonard Nimoy that is equally frightening (because of its cheesiness). I definitely want to do this tag... just have to think of some interesting things to share!

Love the strolling gals! I see they're looking in the same direction & I'm thinking they're both checking out some boy that they both have a mad crush on. I sure hope the stroll didn't end badly ;D

Congrats on your award and I love love love your tags answers! This is one of the most interesting tags lists I've ever read! You are such a funny little oddball! I mean that in the nicest way!!! I also avoid karaoke, but perhaps you could try it dressed as a clown! Rudyard Kipling's great goddaughter? That's impressive! I'm a distant cousin to that guy who hosted Sale of the Century...sigh xo

you two women are sweet, taking their stroll arm in arm.

as for sound of music, does it ever get old?
oh and the next time i have a question about some historical event, i'm coming to you!

nothing tragic about watching the sound of music 200 times, only tragic not to.
Rudyard Kipling! wow!
thanks for sharing.

love it!!!

i want a clouder of cats!!!

and i have never seen the sound of music. you must be gasping in horror!

Thank you Ana! To tell you the truth it was a little tricky at first but once I got into the spirit of it I found it quite easy! Many thanks again for the tag!! :) It was fun!

Rebecca! I'd heard he'd done poetry!! Must google it - I'm very curious now! Looking forward to reading your 10 things!

I think they're looking at some cakes in a cake shop window actually Tracy. Although there was a bit of a scuffle for the last chocolate eclair, they had an arm wrestle and it was resolved pretty smoothly after that. P.S. You're not trying to tell me you're related to Tony Barber are you?

Thank you Christina! I'm here, ready for any history pop quiz you got!

Thank you Abigail! I was a little hesitant about putting that one in and then I thought: Love me, love my love of The Sound of Music type of thing! Everything about that movie just hits the spot and I never ever get bored of watching it!!

A clouder of cats is a beautiful thing Drollgirl! I highly recommend it! Sound of Music - ya gotta do it!!

Fantastic! Wow -- that Kipling tidbit is awesome!

hehe...I'm having trouble imagining those fine ladies arm wrestling. For a chocolate eclair I guess it makes sense ;)

um...yes...I'm related to Tony Barber. Are you impressed? No? I didn't think so. I was 'almost' related to Slim Dusty. Actually I don't think that would be any more imprssive than being related to Tony Barber anyway. My coffee making skills are much more impressive than my famous relatives & famous 'almost' relatives, so I'm now slinking away to make you another coffee ;D

I'm done, you did inspire me a little. I love your list, it isn't boring at all. A clouder of cats, that is a lovely collective noun!

I get really cold too, it is kind of annoying sometimes. I am sure you know all about it.

Now we know so much more! I'm with you on the Karaoke. You can't visit my brother's house without breaking into tune (or trying to anyway). Drives me crazy.
You're two strolling ladies are just gorgeous!

Lovely illustration. I do love Kipling. :)

Thank you Tara!

Tracy - I thought I recognised the cut of your gib from somewhere - it's that "Je ne sais quois" that Tony had when he used to say "Do you want the sofa or will you keep the money?" No, actually that is pretty amazing Tracy! He's a bit of a TV icon, isn't he?

Thank you Emma! Very interesting list you have there yourself - thank you for playing!!

Oh Cate - my mortal fear is singing in public - don't like it at all - really makes me uncomfortable to say the least. Thank you for the nice words about my ladies!

Thank you The Clothes Horse! Kipling is pretty terrific - I am humbled by my small connection to him!


wow! six cats! amazing! i could barely handle my two!

I'm catching up with my blog-reading now that I've come back, and I just came across this little entry.

I've watched The Sound Music as many times too!! It was the only video my grandma had when we were kids, so when it was time for some babysitting, it was all we watched. For that reason, all songs are ingrained in me. I've seen it live too, twice!

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