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July 06, 2009


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Sam! she is beautiful, i love her dress, the background detail and you have captured her face perfectly! she reminds me of someone but at the moment i can't place her... hmmm!?

i must say i'm a wee bit crispy after this weekend, got caught out with the changeable scottish summer weather ~ cold and cloudy when we first left for our dog walk, then as hot as the sahara by the time we had finished! thankfully Spanner is fine, no sunburnt noses in sight... :)


i noticed this was different, but i really like the background and i adore pattern so that's a plus too. great piece.

p.s. i just framed your pieces this weekend that i have and i loooove them. pictures to come soon.

Background and pattern: that was a risk worth taking!
She is beautiful! What's her name?
I'm so inspired by all your other 'customers' and their walls filled with different art. I'm dreaming of starting my own little collection!

LOVE, love, love the background. Way to go!!!! Mika

she's gorgeous. love the somber palette! xx.

she's lovely Sam! I saw her in your shop yesterday and thought she was lovely then too... I like the background and the expression on her face. Very solemn and bright at the same time.

So gorgeous Sam!! Love this one. I think you should explore more if this is how it turns out!

it looks beautiful! i like the printed dress! like your deco lady, i am trying to bust away from color blocks and try more prints. :)

Sam, I love, LOVE this!

Lovely, lovely illustration!

Oh now that is GORGEOUS!!! Keep experimenting as you never seem to put a foot wrong. I love this.

This little lady is beautiful Sam! And what divine hair she has! I wish I could pull off a swanky hairstyle like that! Your exploring was a big success!

My 'Dove of Peace' print arrived and it is as lovely as I knew it would be!!! Thanks! xo

Now this one is just superb!

So stunning! I love the colors! It's going on my wishlist ;)

amazing job as usual :)

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