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July 07, 2009


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Very neat! That stairwell is INSANE!!!! :)

I also have a thing for black and white floors! You have some lovely buildings in Sydney. I'll have to explore them next time I'm down that way. May not be soon but I'm confident they'll still be there. Unlike this city where we have a horible reputation for bulldozing down all of our gorgeous buildings! Makes me so mad! Be careful now dangling over those railings. Maybe pack some abseiling equipment to take with you for your next photo shoot :)

Art Deco architecture is incomparable, in my opinion. My city of Tulsa has some of the most incredible Art Deco buildings [built during the oil boom of the 20's']. Here are some photos if you're interested [sorry, long link]:

I adore everything art deco (fashion! design!). But I have to say this building is especially wonderful. Thanks for this.

Wow, I think I totally blinked and missed this wonderful building when I lived in Sydney. The things you take for granted, huh?

Your blog is looking lovely, btw. xx

i love the last shot the most! and glad you survived taking it!!!

Thanks for risking your life for the last photo. It's a gorgeous stairwell! Be careful next time though!
I love Art Deco, and I've discovered that I'm becoming more and more fond of Art Nouveau, too, so thanks for sharing these!

love that staircase shot Sam! i've similar ones on flickr and i'm always mesmerised by them... kinda hypnotic aren't they!?

oh, and Spanner is quite pleased you didn't tumble over the banister!

and thank you so very much for your lovely comments about my pot holders... i'm hoping for one or two collectors just so i can make more without them taking over my house... ;)


i'm a sucker too for white and black tiles! xx

LOVE the staircase!

Such an interesting building and wonderful photographs! Thank you so much for sharing and for risking life for art... :o) ♥♥♥

the photo of the staircase is beautiful! i love that shot!

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