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July 30, 2009


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Great post. Mika

I love that as she plants a kiss she also wraps her arms around her neck, that's true affection :) I hope you have a glorious Friday!

oh i adore his lithographs as well. thursday/friday to you too sam!

Happy Friday dear Sam!

I love Toulouse-Lautrec, such gorgeous work! Think I might've seen his creations before but had no idea who it was by. Thank you so much for sharing, I always learn about the most fascinating artists through you.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Warm safe and full of fun of course.xo

Happy Friday! :)
I love these images. They're so wonderful! Thanks for sharing the goodness of Toulouse-Lautrec.
*off to read more about him now*


OH HOW I LOVE Toulouse-Lautrec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

someday i have to have one of his prints. or paintings. HAHAH! :)

and thank you for the nice comments on my blog. you are TOO COOL! :)

Ugh, my computer is really slow right now, too. Happy early Friday!

Such an interesting character isn't he...take care...don't go throwin the computer over the balcony...

I love this period of art work. Art Nouveau is my favorite...I just wish it had lasted longer.

I can see why they are so inspirational! i hope you have a great friday, too!!

The work of Toulouse-Lautrec is lovely! I've seen his images around a lot but now I can put a name to them thanks to you!

Slow computer connections are the pits! A little while back when upgrading my broadband plan they set me up with dial-up while they were making the changes. 5 days of dial-up and I was ready to tear my hair out!

Happy Friday! And have a super weekend Sam! :)

Happy Friday! The posters are awesome!

these are fantatisc! have a great weekend sam!

These are so wonderfully beautiful. That first one makes me smile, what a weird coupling lol. And oh my, the May Milton one is delightful. I love the casual lines of his work.

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