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June 09, 2009


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Thank you dear Sam! You put my ugly mug up among the gorgeousness of your illustrations... I feel honored. George sends his love and says hello to little Ginger :)

Glad to hear your move's gone well and that you're feeling better. It sucks getting sick.

I still have a very important Matou en Peluche post planned for the future... it's going to center around mermaids (hinthint) but she's not going to be giveaway of course. She's getting framed! Hope your week is going well.xxoxo

(ps. I asked 'found' for permission on another use a while ago and she seemed very ok with it... )

aw shucks am honored she says coyly...thanks means a lot to me to know that somebody of obvious fine taste and talent thinks highly of my blog!

Your blog is awesome and so is your art! I'll definitely be following along. :)

I'll check out those blogs on your list as I'm sure they're super. A couple I know already and love them. Congrats on the award. Your blog is brilliant and always joy to visit!

All the best with the Saturday inspection :)

Congrats on the award girl. Mika

Aww Gabbi! You are the high priestess of chic in my opinion! You make my gals look good!! As for gorgoeus George...! Little Jaffa says a hearty purry furry meow!

Mermaids! I like the sound of that!

*Blush* Christy! You're very modest!

Oh! Rebecca! Goody! So glad I found your blog too!

Tracy - thank you muchly for your good luck regarding the inspection!
I love, love, love your blog too by the way!

Thank you Mika - I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of little Puk!

Oh thank you dear!! unfortunately I'm not having a lot of time for blogging lately but thank you so much :)

Sam!! This is amazing -- you just made my day!!! Yippee!!!

thank you my sweet sam. I feel so touched and honored ... you and your blog are such a sunshine in my life :)

thank you sam, i needed a little encouragement today!

thank you, thank you, thank you Sam... it's so lovely to know that you enjoy my blog, even if it is for the pictures of my wee man more than anything else... ;)

although i must apologise for taking so long to get back to you... i'm only just getting back into my blogging routine, but i will be sure to post about it in the next few days... :)

have a wonderful weekend in your new place!


Sam, I've been so ridiculously thoughtless and slow...I will be posting the award and tagging tomorrow!! Thanks again!!

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