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June 25, 2009


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You shameless little plugger you...hope lots of sales come your way...

Miss Italy is gorgeous and your 'Shameless plugs' are my most favorite part of your amazing blog... I'm off to look at the sale now! :) Have a lovely Thursday!

I like shameless plugs. Yours I like even more than most! That's such a wonderfully generous offer. You'll be swamped with orders, so you'll be kept warm throughout winter by being very busy! Does the sale run for all of winter?

I love the cat print in the previous post! and this little lady of course.. When I look at your drawings they remind me of my favourite author, Katherine Mansfield. I'm not sure why .. :)
Good luck with the shoppee !


Hi! Yes. I'm definitely in the Southern Hemisphere - Wellington, NZ to be exact. Thank you for your comment. I am entranced by your beautiful illustrations. What medium are these? Pastels, pencil? I'm heading over to your etsy now!

Yes! I'm a shameless little plugger! There! I feel better now - thank you Chrisy!

Gabbi! You are as always very sweet to say nice things about my work! :) XX

Francesca! Katerine Mansfield - gosh! What a comparison! I am utterly flattered!

Lovely to meet you on dressing up: fellow Southerner! The drawings here are dry pastel (as opposed to waxy oil pastels) and charcoal. I'm looking forward to keeping up with your pretty blog!

i love a good sale! if i only had the money:(

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