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June 04, 2009


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I love the covers, they and pochoir prints inspired me to start making my doll pins. I wish i was rich enough to buy them all too!


These are FAB!!

Aren't they stunning folks!

Gorgeous glamorous and definitely covetable!

i'd love to have these framed and on my wall!

I love the Vogue covers from this era.

I love this era! Wow!

I am smitten with both. I've always loved the sleek 1920's-30's look.

I know. I love old Vogue covers. I hate all the airbrushing they do to them now--it just looks unnatural.

Hello! I stumbled onto your blog by accident. I absolutely adore your art style. Mind if I post some of it on my blog once in awhile? I would be sure to give you credit.

love your blog! love these covers!

These Vogue covers are devine!
Love your card that Gabbi is offering in her giveaway!

These are wonderful Vogue covers! A giveaway featuring one of your cards you say? I'm there! :)

Sam these covers are gorgeous! Thank you for the link on the giveaway! Yipee! Hope your having a wonderful week and love to you!

These are incredible

So cool. Voque is my fav magazine. Mika

Thank you all so much for your positive feedback! Clearly I've picked something here that everyone feels pretty unanimous about!

Yes sure thing Shanna! Let me know what your blog address is so I can go visit you!

Lovely covers dear Sam! I'm such a fan of these glamorous illustrations. Wish they still had these today...

Thank you so much for mentioning the giveaway. I dread parting with her already! :^)

this is awesome and already entered :)

I knew you'd like them Gabbi! I too think they are much nicer than the covers today! It's the least I could do to mention your giveaway - you are a total sweety and I'm completely chuffed you like my work!

They are awesome Diana! So glad to hear you popped over to Gabbi's blog - now that's what I call pretty!

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