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June 20, 2009


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Lovely picture!
I didn't know the origin of boudoir! I like it :o)

I'm loving my new prints. Thanks again!

Oh hw sweet. Its a good think you are a drawing hermit. I just found a new site, if you havent seen it you may be interested - - perhaps you could put your work on there.

It's gorgeous. You're so amazing Sam!!!

there's nothing wrong with being a drawing hermit, especially when you do it so well!

Your mermaids are gorgeous Sam!!

I need a pouting room... I actually need to pout more often. It's good to throw a tantrum every once in awhile don't you think? It's cathartic. :)

I like the thought of being a drawing hermit too. Especially with these lovely creations of yours.

You have an award, by the way!xo

It's interesting isn't it Jacquie! I found out when I was learning French!

Thank you for that lead Lilly! I'll be sure to check it out! ...and if you say it's OK to be a drawing hermit then I think it's OK with me too! :)

Thank you so much Penny! You're a sweet heart! Can't wait for our Zine to come out!!

Thank you Christina!! You're so sweet! The great thing about being a drawing hermit is I can spend time reading your lovely blog too!!!

Thank you dear Gabbi! I have a bit of a thing for mermaids at the moment! Must be my muse...! Thank you so much for the award and you'll be getting a zine as soon as it's off the press! :)

You can easily be forgiven for being a drawing hermit with the gorgeous art you produce! But, yes, rain is a nice excuse for staying indoors :)

XX Tracy - I can't help feeling naughty though! Maybe it's a hangover from when I was young and we were told to go play outdoors!

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