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June 21, 2009


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Lovely and informative post dear Sam! I had no idea they ate so much and that they exhausted so quickly... next weekend I'm hoping to have a small mermaid post. Are you thinking mermaids because of all that water you're getting there maybe? :)

Your mermaid series is so sweet. I think 3 makes a series. What interesting facts about seahorses. I had no idea! They seriously eat up to 3000 shrimps a day? That's impressive, and I've yet to see a tubby seahorse! All of that upright swimming must keep them in shape!

Hello, Sam! thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

I must say, I absolutely love your art work; your style is so fun, retro, flapper, romantic, it's everything. Love it!!!


Lovely! I wish I could see a seahorse in real life... I never have! They're so unique looking.

I knew the males carried the babies because I used to have a friend who constantly talked about marrying a seahorse for that reason. She was silly.

Zomg= I love this series... you are so smart!

Hope all your moving/internet issues/illness/rain and assorted othe annoyances are behind you, and life is treating you right once more;)

L xx

the work is beautiful, and your boyfriend's comment is cracking me up!

hooray for seahorses. and mermaids. and fabulous art. :)

I love seahorses. Have you read The Sign of the Seahorse by Graeme Base? Gorgeous!

Anyway this one is beautiful, as usual for you! It would be lovely to see them all in a bigger scene too - lots of mer-ladies and seahorses together.

Yes you definitely have a series here...and what a great idea...wouldn't they look fab framed and hanging in a row...and seahorses yes they're magical aren't delicate looking...

very interesting... swallowing their food whole eh? hmmmm... sounds exactly like a wee dog i know ;)

btw, could i borrow a few of your gorgeous pics please? i'm going to blog about the lovely award you gave me and i'd love to show off your work at the same time if that's okay? i'll be sure to add all the links and whatnot :)

thank you... :)

Thank you dear Gabbi! I think these 3,000 shrimps they eat must be pretty small...! And yes, you are absolutely correct - the rain is my muse at the moment! It really does feel like an underwater cave in this new abode - it's quite nice actually!

Hahaha Tracy! 3,000 a day - I think they'd be pretty busy eating that many too. No time for blogging for those seahorses I'm afraid - just a lot of strenuous upright swimming to burn off the love handles!

Thank you so much Debra! Your blg was such a delightful find for me!!

Gosh Rebecca! A friend who wanted to marry a seahorse! Wow! I am seriously impressed by her silliness!! :)

Aw! Thanks Linda. Yes, we're all settled in now and I spent the weekend bonding with the flat i.e. I didn't go out at all!

Drollgirl - Thanks wow! High praise! I'm still having flashbacks of your epic blog post titled "bulging"! Awesome stuff that!

Oooh Penny thank you! I think that bigger scene could very well be on the cards...I've really got a bit of a bee in my bonnet about these mermaids...Yes! I've read The Sign of The Seahorse - wow what an illustrator he is...

Thank you Chrisy...:) XX

Aboslutely yes Emma! It'd be an absolute honour for you to blog about my drawings - be my guest...that would make me only two degrees of separation from a certain Spanner then! :)

i had no idea about seahorses. they have such great history

I'm a fan! - of your blog, your art, your series, your kindness! You're one of the true treasures here in blogland!

HAhaha :0) Loved the random facts about seahorses. I truly appreciated all of the knowledge :0)
Beautiful picture as always.

I love seahorses... We actually have a stuffed one in my childhood home - sounds a bit grotesque, I know, but it was given to us by a slightly eccentric lady we knew, and I loved looking at it when I was little. The tail is curled backwards, for balance I guess, so I remember thinking that real seahorses were all wrong the first time I saw a picture...
I wonder if your seahorse isn't a teensy bit startled as well?

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