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June 29, 2009


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Lovely new drawings Sam! They're both adorable. The rain sounds wonderful right now with the heat we're having today :)

So cute! There is a little mouse that scurries up & down the fence outside my window, and has been getting fatter & fatter the past few months - it's almost possum sized!

These are lovely new additions to your shop! I'm hoping the kitty cats in your shop play nicely with them. I'm sure they will. They look like cats that like mice. Like them in a playful way and not in a 'yum yum' kind of way.

It was a pleasure to include your art on my blog. I only wish that I had better expressed how I feel about your gorgeous art and gushed about it more. I had some serious brain-fog happening on the weekend and struggled to even get a post done I'm afraid!

Geez, I waffle on. Shooshing now ;D

Your mice are so cute!!!

P.S. - Beets are a root vegetable! They can be used in many ways sort of like potatoes, but they're a bright red/purple color and super healthy. I think they're an acquired taste, and most Americans just think old people like them - haha. :)

only you can make mice look this cute...

mice, so pretty!

Sam ... these little mice are so cute!!!!!
After seeing two very tiny tiny country mice in a field last week I have been so inspired - I ended up sewing one :) My favourite of yours is the one holding the romantic love note ;)

I just want to say...awwwww... :) so very sweet!

I don't normally like mice but your drawing of the mouse with the love heart is so cute!

Oh! Good luck with that heat Gabbi. I always think that for extreme weather cold is so much easier to handle than heat. How is sweet George coping?

Penny! You have left this vivid image in my mind of a rotund mouse scampering around! It's like a scene from a Key Stone Cop's movie! :)

Tracy - you're too lovely and I appreciate your logistical observations on the flora and fauna of my shop and blog! I'll have to keep an eye on those pussy cats and make sure they stay playful rather than "yum yum"

Thank you Rebecca! You know I don't think we get them here in Sydney. They sound very good to me - I'm one of those people who loves and adores vegetables!

Many thanks Miriam and Christina! The mice tip their lids to you in appreciation of the compliments!

Ooh! Francesca - I'd love to see your mouse! I'll pop over to your blog and see if I can spot him! I love the photos you've posted recently on your blog of the fields of wheat - they are very special!

Thank you, thank you Natalia and Jo! :) I'm not sure what inspired the mouse with the love heart. I think I drew him and thought he looked like he should be holding something!

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