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June 06, 2009


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Lovely drawing and great interview dear Sam, I loved learning more about you! Very much agreed with the part about 'the most fun you can have with a keyboard and mouse!'.

Hope your weekend is going swell... also, you have another 'blogworld' award!

Gabbi! You're a doll! Thank you a thousand times over for...well everything! Before I started blogging I must admit I really didn't get it - what was the point of blogging? I think I understand it now! The point is you meet super people like yourself and have the best fun time rambling on about things you love and stuff you've done! XOXO to you Gabbi!

Ooh it's so cute Sam!!!

This is so cute!

so very cute Sam ... the weather is ... well ... rainy and gloomy here :(
thanks for drawing my attention to plainbananas . she has a great shop and a wonderful blog !!!

love this drawing & the title... you are wonderful!! congrats on the interview, i am off to read it now!!
have a lovely long weekend :)

Seeing your drawing I couldn't help but feeling special. It so reminded me of that feeling you get when receiving a love letter/email! Beautiful piece!

sam, i got the package today! so thoughtful, i love the bunny and the mermaid. they're perfect. i'm getting them framed and putting them up on the wall.
thank you so much!!!

hey! i am new to your blog and i love it!!! i'll be trolling around here as often as i can.

love the drawing, and hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

have i told you i think your drawings would make awesome tattoos? just sayin'! :D

That drawing is wonderful! You are so talented. Your whole blog looks lovely.
Nice to "meet" you! :)

Thank you Penny and Parapluie! Cute is good!

Thank you Sabine - sorry to hear the weather isn't so great over there in France!

Thank you Michelle! You're a sweet heart! Happy weekend to you too!

Susann that is the nicest thing to say! I think any artist would be as chuffed as I am to have such sweet sentiments conjured up by their work!

So glad you got your little something Christina! I can't thank you enough for the giveaway! It has introduced me to so many wonderful new bloggers but best of all it introduced me to you! :)

Drollgirl - so great to meet you too! Bless that Gabbi for pointing out your blog for us all - it's absolutely gorgeous!!

Oooh! Diana! That would be the ultimate for me - to have a drawing turned into a tattoo! Golly! Now there's an idea!

Anna - thank you and a pleasure to "meet" you too! So glad I found your blog ...I'm looking forward to keeping up with it!

I love "Special Delivery" and congrats on the blog interview/feature. I haven't read it yet but will after I've finished waffling here! :)

Doh! Will have to pop back to read the interview. The link took me to Etsy which was down for site maintenance...

OH! So sorry Tracy - I've fixed the link now. It shold take you straight through!

*Special delivery* is really nice! I love the hearts that are all around the birds! Now I'm going to read the interview :)


Congrats on your new award

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