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June 22, 2009


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how beautiful illustrations you have around your blog...?!

love them!

oh, what fabulous finds! i love the second one with the red and mustard colours :)

congratulations on another award too! i have just blogged about you and the one you gave me ~

i also added a wee extra at the end for you too ;)


Such beautiful images...
Congrats on your award! It is really well deserved.

Thank you for the kind words dear Sam! You're so awesome :)

I love those illustrations you found over the weekend. Especially the 2nd one, chez Louie... my exboyfriend's name is Louie and we're still very good friends. Isn't the dress lovely?

Wishing you a great new week... xo

these ads are pretty much DIVINE!!! love them!!

you awarded some fabulous blogs!

Sam these are gorgeous finds!! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Thank you! You deserve it so. Where do you find all these gorgeous images? I liked the second one too - am drawn to the colours. By the way what is your most favourite work of your own collection? Or is that like choosing a favourite child?

Nina! Thank you!

Dear Emma and Spanner - thank you so much for your hospitality on your blog...Spanner you dishy boy you!

Thank you Mary-Laure - I'm so enjoying your adventure by the way! I'm having a mini holiday adventure just reading your blog - many thanks!

Ah! Gabbi! Now when I look at that beautiful drawing I see you and your ex-boyfriend being incredibly civilised together! I can definitely see you in that elegant pretty dress. :) XX

So glad Drollgirl - they need to be aired as much as possible and not forgotten in some dusty cupboard!

Yes, they are terrific and soo very interesting! I was going to award your blog but I thought You've been snowed under with awards of late so you're next on my list!

Thank you sweet Jacqueline!

I love those oranges and mustards too Lilly! Inspired choices I think! As for a favourite drawing...hmmm... tooo tricky I think! It depends on my mood!

Congrats on your award! And thanks so much for passing it along to me!!! Awww....shucks! I'm feeling very special now! You are so sweet! I'll mention it on my blog sometime over the next week. I've just been drafting a post now & it's already so very long so will hold off until next post. Thankyou thankyou thankyou xo

Those adverts are wonderful finds!

Thank you so much Sam! I'm not great at playing tag; I never know who to give the awards to without offending anyone, but it's still very much appreciated!
Your very nice comments on my blog are also very much appreciated =)
Trudi xo

Congrats on the award! These ads are just amazing...vintage ads are one of my weaknesses. I just bought a Murad Cigarette Ad from the early 1900's on excited to receive it!

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