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June 26, 2009


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Oh my god what a find! You're sooo nice to share....

This is my go-to place for vintage Vogue dear Sam! Isn't their publication collection extraordinary?

Yes, it was quite a find Chrisy but I bet heaps of groovy folk have known about it for yonks!

Ah Gabbi! I had a feeling you would know about it! :) Have a lovely weekend sweetie!

I didn't know about that site so I will go visit now. Thanks for sharing your find!

Have yourself a super weekend :)

Oooh I can see why you are so smitten with that site! I only had a quick look for now but bookmarked it for later when I have more time to browse. A great find!!!

That is so cool! I had no idea about this website either... Added to the bookmarks for sure!

Look at those awesome pictures! Really a great find! Love the green dresses on the top pictures! Thanks for sharing! (Don't worry, you weren't the only one not knowing about this site!)

wow, what a gorgeous selection!

oh wow, thanks for the link i think i'm gonna love.
happy weekend to you sam!

of course i had no idea about this!!!

Wow Sam - this is a FAB site! Bookmarked and purchasing after we move!

So nice to meet you :) Thanks for popping by and saying hi!

I've never heard of Conde Nast before. It's amazing! Thanks for sharing the link. I've just spent ages going through, and there's still more to see.

A well timed find for you... and for me too, I may be able to get some good wedding inspiration from there :)

oooh, what a great find!

Now I want two things:
1) to be seriously glamorous
1) to go back to New York.

these are so glamourous

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