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June 23, 2009


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Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! That was meant to be the joyful sound of your adorable Flying Kitten... LOVE it! Congrats on that sweet blog feature! I like the look Spanner! I'm sure he was holding Emma's hand in his paw while she blogged :)

And I'd like to think that your flying kitten looks a bit like Mr. Root. I'll go check out the store immediately!
Happy Tuesday to you, too! Mine btw is awesome! I'm finally done with my exams and more than ready for summer break =)

i'm in love!

Keep a copy for us - I am definitely making SusannRomy buy this :)

I just love the second cat face. It's looking gently at me with a 'Take it easy. I have done this many times before, nothing can go wrong. I am in full control' kind of a look.

hahahaha :0) Love it!

Sweet little cartoon.

Amazing illustration, it's great the way he seems fearlessly about to land on his feet... I ♥ your work!

Tracy!!! That is totally what he's saying for sure! Isn't Spanner a handsome guy?

That's so terrific Susann Romy - I remember the feeling of Summer student vacations - they are never so good again! Enjoy!

Oh Morten - many thanks!! No problems! I'll keep one especially for you guys! I think you've got the kitten's dude like attitude down!

Thank you Meghan and Clothes Horse!!! :)

Thank you so much Gabbi - he's not as splendid as your beautiful George though! XX Hope you're having a lovely week!

Oooh! Miriam - I think you're a secret cat person, no? :)

I love him!

so cute !!!

Love your kitten. Mika

love it!!!

i am afraid my cats are too fat to fly. :(

Adorable, your pictures are gorgeous!

of course he was! he sat diligently by my side, paw in hand as i typed out his woofings... :)

he definately was not fast asleep under my desk, nor was he farting any un-earthly odours!

happy tuesday to you too (even though it's thursday today!)


He's great - I can almost reach out and touch him! And the look on his face as he falls is fantastic =D

As soon as my bank account recovers from my trip, I'm getting my hands on a print of this!


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