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June 07, 2009


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Elizabeth is lovely Sam! So very haute couture... gorgeous dress.

Thank you very much for the mention on the award. I love those dumb things.

*Bises* and hope you feel better soon! Did you tell Ginger you were moving?

gorgeous dress! lovely drawing!

Both Gabbi and you have beautiful blogs so I'm delighted she gave you an award.

Lovin Lizzie's of luck with the's always a pain...

Sam, she is sooo gorgeous and i love her dress! Pink too how wonderful! Hope you had a good weekend and love to you!

Your Elizabeth in Pink is gorgeous! I'm sure the Queen would be proud to have this hanging in her palace. I wonder if she pops into Etsy. I suspect she does when nobody is looking. Sorry to hear that you have a cold. What sucky timing! During a long weekend and moving apartment! Eeeeek! Hope the move was hassle-free :)

hello, sorry you're feeling poop!

good luck with the move... although it does seem like you're cheating a wee bit by only moving a few floors down ;) hope all goes well though and you get settled quickly...

btw, i meant to drop you a wee note yesterday, i did a blog post you might be interested in... :)

hope you feel better soon,

oh, forgot to say... Elizabeth is beautiful and i love the way she's throwing a chheky look over her shoulder, wee minx!

She's truly beautiful! And kinda flirty ;-)
Wonder who she's having eye contact with...

i hope you feel better soon. elizabeth is just gorgeous!

Dear Gabbi - I will post my top ten smile blog this evening all things being equal! Thank you! I'm feeling much better today! I think all the exercise of going up and down the stairs for the move frightened the cold off! Hope you had a lovely weekend. By the way - a very good point about Jaffa the little ginger one - I'll have to write him a sign!

Thank you so much Abigail and Mary-Laure - you are sweeties!

Thank you for your well wishes Chrisy - the move went pretty smoothly - now to polish and clean it for the inspection!

Jacqueline - I think I have a bit of a thing for pink at the moment! I just love it!

Dear Tracy - yes move was hassel (-ish) free and darn good exercise to boot! I feel quite fit today! PS: I think that would be my ultimate celebrity sughting - getting a purchase from HRH!

Thank you thank you Emma!! I saw your handsome boy all short back and sides - what a dashing chap you have there! Send him my love! :)

Ah Susann! That's the question isn't it! But perhaps she is an utter flirt and gives the eye to all the young fellas! :)

Thank you Christina! I'm much recovered and almost fighting fit! I think it did me good the intense lifting and schlepping of boxes! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

i hope you feel perky and better tomorrow so that you can tackle the move!

and i LOVE gabbi's blog. it is just magical!

I feel much better thank you drollgirl! Move went off hitch free! Gabbi's blog is a superb corner of the web, I agree!

I'm sure the queen would be flatterd, she hasnt looked that good in a number of years...unless you count out outdated coins.

Your work is beautiful

Elizabeth looks beautiful and I really love her dress!

she is are quite the talent!

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