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June 19, 2009


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what a great thing to collect and i bet they look awesome up!

Ooh, no one has called my blog glamorous before, that's too cool =D Thank you for your kind words, Samantha! But it's easy making gorgeous posts when you've got gorgeous material to put in the posts...

Btw, thanks for linking to me; you're on my links page already. And I forgot to say that the card with the escaping cat is hilarious!

Aaah collections of anything can become quite obsessive can't they...but at least with postcards they're small and pack the animal rescue pic...and heading over now to read deco detective's post...

When I was in junior high, there was this vintage shop called Grunts and Posture that had the coolest vintage postcards. I only collected a few, and I wish I had bought them all since the shop is closed now. I wish I could see your whole collection.

These are just gorgeous. The one with the kitten in the kitchen made me giggle...

Aaah, I love vintage postcards! These are awesome.
I've only started a small collection of postcards. I did some postcard swaps with fellow bloggers a few months back, which was lots of fun. Nothing compares to receiving nice mail :)

the top one is hilarious hahaha!!perfect collection!

Just two years ago I wouldn't have shared your passion for cats. Living with one totally changed my attitude towards cats. Those postcards now seem just adorable to me =) Especially the one with the onions!

Christina - they did but maybe it was a little intense!

Thank you Trudi - lovely to meet you and your pretty blog!

Chrisy - you are so right! I don't collect postacrds anymore - well, not like I used to anyway. I'm into small, wacky, preferably antique, porcelein animals! Not quite as portable as postcards!

Hi Teisha - I find in life that if you fall in love with something then really it is your duty to buy it because things do generally tend to disappear! :) My whole collection - I might post them bit by bit!

That little kitten is a sweetie isn't he Jess!

Yes, Anna, nice mail is the best! Even when you are expecting it - like you've bought something. I even got excited yesterday when I picked up my new clear plastic sleeves for my prints from the post office! :) That sounds like a very charming sort of thing to do though, a postcard swap with fellow bloggers...hmmmm!

Alexandra - the top one is called "Interference" and it was always one of my favourites too!

Susann,your pussy cat is very lovely - he has introduced you to the wonderful world of cats! I love all animals (although I'm not too keen on snakes and spiders) but I'm particularly fond of pussy cats! :)

These are not just regular post cards either! these are amazing! i love the first one

Wonderful collection dear Sam! George said he wants them all... :)

You have a wonderful postcard collection. I'd love to see more of them!

Congrats on the blog feature. Will pop over to read now :)

oh, i adore your vintage cat postcards!

Such a creative idea- I love the idea of posting your post cards the first thing when you moved in.
The cat postcards are delightful! Hilarious.

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