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June 10, 2009


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Looks really fantastic.

P.s I included one of your prints in my blog today!

WOW looks really amazing!! Thanks for sharing this with us and i enjoyed reading it lots. Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!

That book sounds fascinating! I'd love to see it.

Oh and... I totally just gave you some blog awards and I've also linked you on my blog sidebar! Just thought I'd let you know. :)

it's funny to think that what would have been very everyday for them has now become so 'beautiful' in our eyes. it's also interesting to wonder about what mundane things we make today will become like that in the future!

Check out Ms Smith's shoes. They're fabulous. I am not supposed to be buying books this year but have a post dedicated to HHT books coming. I bought the Lost Gardens book and the small exhibition books from Femme Fatale and Shooting Through. I didn't see this book on the bookshelves. It's fascinating. Isn't the light in the pics amazing?

That looks an amazing book. Love the shoes and hats! And I got your prints SO EXCITED, THEY ARE DEVINE!!!! And I will be back for lots more too! Thank you!

Fascinating book and collection Sam! I loved 'Refused to Open His Eyes'. I would've done the same... maybe?

I didn't see this post till a minute ago and just finished putting up the second Getty post I'd planned and in it is a Weegee photo. We coincided a little? :)

Hope you're having a lovely week!xo

That's so nice Sam! Thank you so much for the link... ♥

what a great collection of images! my parents & brother have a 1920's themed costume party to go to in a few weeks, i spent a little while on google images trying to find some good examples of 1920's fashion and convince my brother not to go as indiana jones (which was like 30's, and only a movie anyway) but it was very hard to find much from australia.. these are much more helpful!

I can spend hours looking at vintage photographs. These are amazing! thanks for sharing.

this looks like a wonderful glimpse into humanity...a very honest glimpse.

Thank you everyone for your comments!! So lovely! I'm at the moment sans internet due to unforseen circumstances
(moving!) so I am not able to give decent replies until Tuesday when I'm plugged in to the real world again!! Happy weekend all!

This sounds amazing! I'll have to look out for it next time I'm in Sydney (or, you know, on the internet, but I like to look through things in person :)

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