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June 30, 2009


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Those are really sweet Polaroids! Charles Aznavour was adorable as was little Astral. They remind me of my George and Blas! :) So on a very personal note to the artist... do you see the return of Astral Rabbit anytime in the near future?

main coon kitties are the best!!! i had one a while back, and he was the most mellow and sweet cat imaginable. wah. love them!

Those Polaroids are precious.
I wonder why you named your cat Charles Aznavour... was he something of a crooner?

i love the catty polaroids... although i don't think Spanner would like me saying that ;)

tha first pet i had was a wee grey kitty that i named 'fluff' he was my bestest friend in the world (at the time!) and it broke my heart when he died... sadly there are no pics of him... *sigh*

and as for Spanner having his own blog... pfft! i have enough trouble finding the time to keep my own going as well as an etsy shop, a very addictive flickr account, so much crocheting and whatnot to do... as weel as looking after a dog and his man! i think what he really needs is a fan-site... ;)


I love the picture of Charles with the flowers - very gorgeous. And as for your work well it is just so original and exquisite and that is a fact.

he's gorgeous, what adorable pictures! x.

Charles Aznavour sounds like he was one cool cat! That's a cute pic of Astral. Those charming polaroid photos are a great find! Here in Qld it's against the law to have pet rabbits. Such a silly law! I've never understood it. I've always wanted a pet bunny!

it warms the "cockles" of your heart?! love it.
my first and only pet growing up was a little white bunny that we treated like royalty.

Wow! Gabbi - you are so right! They are like the Alice through the looking glass versions of your two people! ...and Astral Rabbit - I have been toying wioth the idea of resurecting him...hmmmm!

Yes! Drollgirl - Main Coons rock for sure! Big beautiful sweeties that they are!

Mary-Laure!! Hehehe! Too funny! He was actually more of a chiroer than a crooner! :)

Emma - so sorry about your heart break...:( They really do wriggle right into your life don't the, these sweet animal companions. As fir that splendidly handsome boy of yours - well I think a fan pageis a fabbo idea! I'd join yesterday!

Thank you so much Lilly! You are very sweet to say so! The photos are a little fuzzy but they capture Charlie's loveliness I think quitewell!

Thank you Miriam!

Wow Tracy! I'd totally forgotten about the rabbit ban in QLD. Rabbitsare a huge problem for a parge art of Australia, aren't they?

Awww! Christina - do you have any photos? I'dlove to see them...hint hint!

Charles Aznavour... you crack me up. Did you name the cat, even all those years ago?

It is our pleasure to send you nice thoughts and words!

what lovely photos, and so nice to rediscover them.

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