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June 27, 2009


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Is that what you do Sam? I haven't quite gone that far yet but I share my camera with my partner Evan so I don't always have it on hand.

That is so funny...err...if it wasnt so true. Glad I am not the only one.

I'm (pathetically?) exactly like that! My boyfriend keeps making fun of me, claiming that any photo I take immediately has blog potential because it's all I think about. I try to refute this, but who am I kidding?

:) I don't always find things to take pictures of, but whenever I go for a walk without my camera I usually regret it!

Very funny and true dear Sam! I used to use the camera on my phone but the photos were a little bad sometimes so now I just carry my camera with me daily, it's in the little pocket of my purse next to my phone ready to go. I also like taking it out and looking at old photos when I'm bored waiting for a train or something. :)

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing creations and hope you have a wonderful weekend... don't forget your camera!♥

Jo - that's very heartening to hear!

:) Lilly!

Christiana - I think your boyfriend sounds like my boyfriend!

Oh Rebecca! I am so with you! I take the camera and nothing much to see - Idon't take the camera and voila! A dancing elephant walks by with a flower behind his ear! (If you know what I mean!)

Dear Gabbi - you take really good shots! I find even when I do take the camera and take lots of shots I often get home and not be able to use any! I don't know what happens there. Happy weekend to you too - and say hello to his loveliness for me! XX

HaHaHa! This is hilarious! But so true for many of us! I love the little comic! And Gabbi, I do just the same. I love looking at previous pictures while waiting.
And Sam, I seriously think you're born to blog!!!

I take my camera to the shop! I never leave home without it. And when I'm purchasing my milk with my camera hanging around my neck I try talking in a foreign language. With hopes of the shopkeeper thinking that I am a cool jet-setting tourist. I fail miserably each time and it is very obvious that I am nothing but a dork with a camera permanently attached to me who drinks far too much coffee to be making so many trips to the shop to buy milk...

very poignant indeed. i often wonder if blogging is an outlet to capture all the things my normal friends would get tired hearing about.

There really does seem to be many similar traits between bloggers.

haha, this post is brilliant! xx.

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