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June 17, 2009


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good luck - hope you get the cover!

Good luck, love that drawing. Mika

you deserve the cover!!! you want met start bugging someone with e-mails? :)

I know I always repeat myself when I visit your blog, but; WOW you are so skilled, I love your work.

Oh, yay! I am looking forward to seeing this - all so beautiful.

What are you talking about? Of course it is the cover! It is wonderful! Do you think we are all going to change our minds and conspire to not let you do it any more? Heeehehehhehe... funny Sam.

Thank you Elizabeth and MIka! I am bouyed up by your enthusiasm!

Christina! Thank you - I don't think you need too actually - you can save your computer time for putting up more inspiring posts on your wonderful blog!

Brinja, wow that's a major compliment as I am totally in awe of your very lovely blog and the gorgeous brooches and accessories you make - many thanks!

Kathleen - you are sweet to remember!

Oh Emma! I never like to assume anything and I'm totally into democracies! But a huge thank you from a major major artist!! Blushes all round!

Oh Sam it's amazing!!! I love it so much!

hey! this is cool! i hope you get the cover!!!!

You've done a glorious job - it looks great! :)

Yay welcome back Sam...such feels good to have you back! That is a really amazing work! I love it soo much too! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to yoU!

Amazing job Sam and well...yes, without offending anyone else's fine efforts you do deserve the cover!! How clever all all of these Aussie artists though. Its just amazing to see. Glad you are back!!

Welcome back! Yay! Your illustration totally rocks and I'm looking forward to seeing the completed zine. Hope you guys will be selling copies!

Hi Samantha,
Welcome back from the wilderness=) We'll cross our fingers that your illustration makes it to the cover!

I've blogged your art just now - when you've got time, come have a look. Hope you like the post!

Thank you so much-

you deserve to get it! beautiful!

oh this is going to be a great collabaration!

This is awesome Sam, are they going to be selling the Zine or is it just online? I would love a copy if they're selling them.

Your illustrations are amazing!

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