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June 01, 2009


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I'm such a fan of Grey Gardens and very much liked the HBO film Sam... it does a good job I think. Haven't seen Frost/Nixon yet, but clearly I have to now!xo

Okiss i sooo need to go watch this one, Grey Gardens! It sounds soooo interesting!! I saw Frost/Nixon and i really really like it! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful merry happy first (almost type frost lol) week of june!! Love to you!

OK! Thank you Gabbi, that's enough of a recommendation for me! I saw your post on the HBO film and thought..hmmm..this is clearly something I need to watch! Now I've got Mad Men season 2 and Grey Gardens to look forward too!

Very ineteresting Jacqueline! Those two gals are really something! Frost/Nixon was just very good and I couldn't fault it at all! Well done Ron Howard!

i have seen the hbo version of grey gardens and i really enjoyed it. i have yet to find a copy of the original.

are they your illustrations on the side? they are adorable! i love the louise brookes bob :)

I have been meaning to see both the original and hbo grey gardens, even more so reading your review!

Saw the Grey Gardens doco and looking forward to the film...tho now curious about the accent...

Yes! Elizabeth - the drawings are by me! Thank you so much! I found the doco in my local video store if that's any help...?

Abigail - it really is a splendid film - very life affirming in a strange way!

Me too Chrisy - I guess we could always watch it on You Tube - but I think I'll wait until it is released here - it shouldn't be toooo long (fingers crossed!).

Ok, I'm going to check my local video store for the doco!

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