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June 12, 2009


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You poor thing! I couldn't cope with that many internet free days.

oh dear, for that long? well, maybe an internet break may be a good thing :) Have a great weekend!

Wishing you the loveliest of weekends dear Sam! You will be missed in blogland. :)

btw, I love your Queen B... always such gorgeousness.xo

Ah,when technology lets us down we feel so helpless.

Oh its tough I just tried to do it for a week and couldnt manage it. I got to day 4 and the addicition took over. Love this art as well. You are just awfully clever!

Sounds boring - but if you're anything like me, a break from the computer is probably beneficial!
I think your drawings and prints are absolutely stunning. Hope it's okay if I make a blog post about them?
Hope you'll have a great weekend after all.

I'm in the exact same spot, only I don't have Internet for an indefinite amount of time thanks to general Greek phone/internet company incompetence. Aaargggh!

that image is gorgeous!

That is such a gorgeous painting! Sorry to hear you won't have intrnet connection till tuesday! Will be missing you~~ Have a lovely weekend and love to you!

Hello all! Thank you for your supportive comments! I've only got 35 hours left of being in the wilderness so to speak internet wise so I'll pop in then and reply properly! Hope everyone is resting and having a lovely weekend!

Hope you've been enjoying your weekend. No internet connection is sucky but a little time away from the computer can be nice. Once we get into the swing of it. Very tricky at first! :D

hey lady, i just gave you 9 awards! i love your inspirational work and it's rare when someone still has an eye for class and elegance and captures the vintage era! congrats!

Your prints arrived and I'm so in love with them!! I think I need to cover a whole wall in them...will be ordering more! Thanks!

There is always very nice artwork here at Matou en Peluche.. I really love your vintage but fresh style.
Hope your no-internet-time was nice. I think it's good to spend some time away from the internet once in a while..

mon amie c'est tragique!


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