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June 02, 2009


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Sam this is soo cute! I agree with your boyfriend hehe the mama does look bit proud but the babies are sooo adorable!! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

Mamma and her ducklings are adorable... I definitely see the proud look.

I hope you don't mind Sam but I posted a giveaway on my blog of one of your Arabella cards that I bought in December. I kept wanting to write and give it to a friend but couldn't bring myself to do it (it's too beautiful) so I finally decided to make an event and give it away on my blog. Also, I thought it only right to share your gorgeous work :) I found a tiny vintage bunny to go with her...

Hope you're having a lovely week.*bises*

i LOVE this! seriously, too sweet.

Seeing the natural beauty of a thing is inspiring.

Uh, ducks are so cute!

These are lovely ducks. Remind me of traditional Chinese brush paintings.

this reminds me of feeding ducks with my grandpa! i love this!

this is so cute ... really I love it ... I see mamans duck and ducklings almost quite often recently as we have lots of lake and rivers around ... last saturday, as I was walking back from the fresh market, I saw a few of them , quietly "swimming" on the river that cross the village . the ducklings were already so habile and so fast ... and very funny ... I think I stood looking at them with a big smile on my face for many minutes !!!

Awwww...this is so sweet! The mother does look proud! And what mother of those adorable little ducklings wouldn't be proud? :)

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