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May 30, 2009


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So cute!!!

Hi Sam! I finally bought two of your lovely prints...I'm sure I will be buying more in the future ;) Have a lovely weekend!!

He's adorable Sam, reminds me of my Blas...

Stay warm and dry and have a lovely Sunday.xo

i want to hug him!

There's something about rabbits isn't there...and this little one is very appealing...

my first pet ever was a white bunny and he was awesome (more like a a cat really).

Very cute!

How wonderful! This is so cute

Awwww I love him!


very nice. I love it ... I am gald I found you too SAM :)

Thank you all so much! You're very sweet! My bunny is feeling the love!

Thank you so much Tara! Loving your blog big time!

I stayed dry Gabbi thank you! Hope the weather is lovely and spring like where you are!

Yes, Chrisy - they are a little bit special I think! I used to only draw cartoons with rabbits in them for a while back there! Actually I drew so many rabbits that I got given a real live rabbit bunny as a present! He was very sweet too!

Thank you, thank you Jess, Tara, Diana, Christina, Tina, Parapluie, CC and La marquise! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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