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May 05, 2009


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It is funny and perfect for a Monday... I need laughter to get through the day :) xo

Glad it gave you a giggle too Gabbi!

thanks!.....i have just got a "yellow sticker" (police defect notice in W.A.) removed from my car last week...cost us $1600 to fix it all up...but at least i can get to markets now to sell my wares :)
so i can relate to this and i giggled :)

Thanks for sharing made me giggle too! Have a merry happy day and love to you! Oh im having a giveaway at my little drop by to see if it's something you might like. :) Love to you!

looks like he invented the polo mint to me!

btw, i think i would love to visit a japanese temple and it's moss garden! the botanical gardens here in edinburgh has a mossy section although i haven't been in years... sadly no dogs allowed :(

have a lovely week me dear,

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