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May 28, 2009


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great interview! i love her blog and she has great taste in movies!

Oh sam this is such a great interview!! She really does have great taste! Thank you soo much for sharing this with us! Yay to finding new artist! Have a lovely merry happy day adn love to you!

Wonderful post dear Sam, I loved learning more about Alexandra. Such great photography and designs! I need to see Cinema Paradiso (Your film question is a favorite of mine) also, doesn't her cat remind you of a certain Mr. George? xo

ohoh thank you dear!! it looks very nice :) (a gift is on it's way!)

I love her blog and art!

Another super interview. Thanks for introducing me to this artist! I just popped over to her shops and blog and love them all! I also love her taste in films. I'm a big Fellini fan :)

Fabulous work and interview! Cinema Paradiso is such a great film :)


I'm so glad everyone enjoyed the ineterview! Thank you for your feedback folks! Alexandra has a unique style and I especially love her carneval pieces because they remind me of my favourite city in the entire universe - Venice!

Diana I totally agree with you - Alexandra has named some of my top ten for sure!

Thank you Jacqueline! You're eternally sweet!

Gabbi "snap"! I deperately need to see Cinema Paradiso too! It's a large hole in my film viewing! The pussy cat - hmmm, I think yes he is of a similar colour but perhaps not quite as so flamboyantly fluffy as your George.

A huge thank you to you Alexandra!Your work is so terrific!

Le parapluie - blog is good and art too - !

Harriet - I'm a fan of Alexandra's blog - keep an eye out for the travel diaries she does from time to time. The last one to Venice was superb!

CC - Thank you! Note to self: must rent "Cinema Paradiso" this weekend!

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