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May 07, 2009


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Her art work is gorgeous! Great interview... I always get such a kick out of your movie question. Thank you for sharing! xo

Always like her work/shop. The last photo is especially nice here. Great picks for her classic artists faves, too. :)

Thanks for introducing me to another wonderful artist. The Little Red Riding Hood is such a great theme to play with. And Nina plays with it so beautifully!

Gabbi - isn't she terrific? I always ask the movie question because I think a lot of people feel passionately about film and it's a good indicator about where they are at the moment and what their philosophy about life is!

Thank you Tina - I like the way Nina has street scenes from all over Europe - it's like a world tour visiting her shop!

Tracy - Little Red Riding Hood is a great theme, isn't it? I've often played around with it myself but haven't come up with anything I'm happy with yet!

Nina's work is so pretty! You always host such great interview and i always enjoy them lots! Thank you sam! Have a lovely merry happy day!

Wow. All of her works posted here are amazing, but I LOVE the first one very much!
Thank you .

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