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May 25, 2009


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oh i love it too!!! i cheated and bought Season 1 DVD set online so I can have it at everything about it - event he sexist remarks - it appears to be exagerated and emphazied but then again who knows? i wasnt around then to remember but im amazed how far we've come!!
the clothes, hair and elegance is so inspiring!!

My sister constantly references the show and I'm so not up on it. I need to rent the dvd's too now...! xo

Hope you had a lovely weekend dear Sam :)

I'd think you'd be able to watch episodes on the Internet?? I liked the few episodes I watched and it was well acted and very well made overall. :)

This is new to me...must check it out. :D Thanks for sharing Sam and i hope you had a good weekend! Love to you!

Love the costumes in this show!


Very pretty costumes! I think they are about to start showing the show in Danish tv(We are a bit behind) I have to watch it then...

I've heard so many great things about the Mad Men, I really do need to check it out!

What a good idea Anatasia! I had a look for the second season and it isn't available apparently until July (I think).

Yes, Gabi, do have a look! I think you'd appreciate it seeing as you have such a good eye for stylish retro!

Tina - that was my immediate move actually! But the episodes are a little incomplete and I don't want to spoil them by only watching bits - I'd rather wait for the complete set I think.

Hi Jacqueline - being a terrific seemstress I think you'd love the clothes and fabrics especially!

Yes, CC - the clothes are superb! It's worth watching the show for them alone!

Brinja - you'd love the clothes too I think! It's comforting to hear that there are other countries out there that also get things a bit later!

Tracy, have a look and give it time - it is at a different pace to most modern dramas!

Like you, the documentary had me intrigued prior to Mad Men. Now I'm hooked!

I am intrigued by the Doco, although I have to admit I watched the first two episodes on SBS and was just annoyed, the thing it was being advertised as seemed to me to be a soap opera of women sleeping their way around the office to get what they needed... eugghhh. Perhaps I judged too quickly.

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