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May 21, 2009


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Love Eloise...she's got so much character..and the setting is so romantic...

WOW Eloise is sooo cute! Really soo much character! Thank you for sharing this...i really love it. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

you're going up on my blog tomorrow morning! i'm so excited, it's going to be fun:)

I knew the books and the there's a film I think, but had no idea of the story behind them. So informative... Liza even. I'm glad poor Kay got some royalties.xo

Thank you for sharing and hope you're week has gone really well. (I LOVE friday's)

I love Eloise! The illustrations are quite fun.

Chrisy - I totally agree with you an the setting! What could be more romantic than The Plaza, New York? Actually, anything New York sends me into a swoon!

So glad to introduce her to you Jacqueline! Maybe she didn't reach your neck of the woods either?

Thank you Christina! It's an honour that you asked me!

I've had a terrific week hope yours has been good too Gabbi! Your blog is amazing by the way!

Amelia - fun is the perfect adjective to describe Knight's drawings! And..."alive" too - they are so full of life!

What an informative post! Very interesting info, thanks heaps for sharing it :)

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