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May 12, 2009


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Your American girl is lovely Sam and the concert sounds nice. I'm the same way about the visuals... I'm not the biggest 'No Doubt' fan, but when I saw them about 6 years ago (free tickets) I was so impressed by the massive sets and costume changes that I left loving the show. I'm a sucker for pretty sparkling things.

Sam, your all american girl is gorgerous! I love her outfit alot! I am a fan of the band "No Doubt" them since back in school days! hehe Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

You have an award dear Sam! xo

Thank you Gabbi! So relieved to hear someone else is utterly distracted when there's anything sparkly and pretty in front of them!...and an award - oooh! Thank you so much - I'll have to go look see!

Hi Jacqueline - Gwen Stefanie is a very snappy dresser - she sings a good tune too as I recall!! Thank you for also for the kind words about my drawing!

Gorgeous "Girl Next Door" - lovely work Sam!

Just found your blog via "Sophism Press"! Love your style and your blog. I'm a bit of a "crow" myself and am always mesmerized by razzle, dazzle and bling! Hugs, Terri

you have such a great sense of fashion with your drawings. i want this girls outfit!

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