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May 15, 2009


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Great cartoon dear Sam :)

Here it's still Thursday, 4:44pm... about to get off work, but I love the thought of Friday being just around the bend.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Sam, that is such a nice cartoon! Im trying it out (draw a cat) as im writting this. lol

Happy friday happy weekend is just around the corner. Have a lovely merry happy day and merry happy weekend! Love to you!

Happy Friday to you too.
No. Didn't get to that exhibition. It's on the list for tomorrow. Am heading down for Finders Keepers, but will do that earlier in the day.

I love his instructions, "4 - turn it around and tadaah!" Wonder if I'd have success trying to draw my cat with those instructions =)

Haha love that cartoon!
You're VERY welcome and thank YOU, your blog always makes me smile and happy :)

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