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May 29, 2009


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Happy weekend, I like very much your drawings. Your blog is charming and interesting

first i read gnagster instead of ginger hehe...he's a cutie anyway!

Happy weekend to you dear Sam, I can't wait to see the fruits of your creative labor! I ordered a new camera and am waiting for it to arrive so I can put up some shinny pictures of my newly framed prints. Little Jaffa is adorable... tell her George said 'How you doin'? (He has a thing for redheads) xo

have a great weekend!

Have a fun weekend honey!

What a sweet kitty!

Have an awesome weekend! There is a cute ginger cat next door to me called Tom who regularly visits my house. I think he has a little crush on my dog. Weird. But cute :)

Have a great one, love the cat picture. Mika

Thank you G!

Hehehe! Alexandra - now I wouldn't actually mind living next door to a gangster cat funnily enough! :)

Dear Gabbi - a new camera! Excellent - you'll have heaps of fun with that! Prints are on their way - you are so sweet about my work Gabbi! ...and Jaffa's actually a little fella but he says a huge purry furry meow to George from cold wet Sydney!!

Christina and Chrisy - hope your weekend's are drier and sunnier than it is in Sydney here!

Yes Amelia - he is super sweet - he has a very nice nature!

Actually Tracy - I don't find that so strange! My parents had a spaniel and a cat before I was born and legend has it that the pussy cat used to sit on the spaniel's feet and blow into her ears! They were inseperable too I hear. Super cute!

Thank you Mika - all the best to you and your tiny new born Puk!

I can hear Jaffa purrrrrring from here! Have a great weekend Sam

Sam, have a wonderful merry happy weekend! That kitty is soo cute. :) Love to you!

What a cutie!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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