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May 22, 2009


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She's glamorous...and this pic has a real 3d quality about it...

your giveaway is up and i totally used nancy as the intro picture!

happy friday to you too Sam... :)

Nancy is a very beautiful woman, as are all of your ladies... it's been lovely catching up with your blog today. i adore the Georges Barbier illustrations you posted about a few days ago, i agree his colour palette is very subtle and beautiful... the blue and red one with the lady and parrot is just gorgeous... :)

btw, Spanner is due for a haircut soon... i'll try to remember to get before and after pics for you!

have a fab weekend,


Your ladies are so foxy and wonderful!

Wow Chrisy - 3D! I like the sound of that! I'll attempt to do more 3D in the future!

Thanks so much again Christina! I'll pop a link through today!

So lovely to have you back in Blog land Emma! :) Thank you for taking the time to browse my blog too. Can't wait, I've got to say, to see the lovely Spanner pre and post barber's!

Katie A - foxy! Wow! I like that! Thank you!

Nancy is absolutely beautiful! I'll try tracking down that tele-movie you mentioned. Sounds good!

i really love the stories for your art... so entertaining!!!

This is so perfect. I love the rosy cheeks!

She's gorgeous dear Sam, I love her big green eyes! I've never read the novel but now I see I have to and I also have to track down the three hour made for tv movie...

I received my package today!!! Thank you thank you thank you dear Sam. There is a big post on it's way all about it and also something on it's way to you soon. I'm so honored you know, you truly are an incredible artist.

*bises* and wishing you a wonderful weekend! xo

Really gorgeous work, darling!


Thank you so much Tracy, Michelle, CC and Amelia! You are very kind to say so! It really encourages me to draw more and more often if people like my gals!

Dear Gabbi! So glad you got your little something in the post (that was very quick!)! Goodness me - something for me too! You are my blog hero don't you know! Sam. XXOO

She has such captivating green eyes... :)

Everything I have to say about Nancy has already been said! She's adorable and I love checking out your blog for new art and stories!

Absolutely gorgeous print! And I am now immensely intrigued by Nancy Mitford...why have I never heard of this? Seems like wonderful summer reading!

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