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May 10, 2009


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Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. Too beautiful. I did that Facebook quizz that asks what era you were "from". I knew mine would be the 1920s, and it was.

How lovely Kate - you're a born again (maybe reincarnated?) jazz baby! The 1920s were just a spot on era for music, art, fashion and sophistication , weren't they?

Sam, his work is really gorgeous!! I love..always love finding new artist! Thank you! Hope your having a wonderful weekend and love to you!

Lovely post dear Sam, I was familiar with his work but didn't know any of the history. I love that he later became a designer... thank you for sharing! xo

Oh, I love 'em- especially the second to last- something about her pose, and the lines it creates.

Good find!

Hope all is well in Sydney, and that you are having fun. :)

L x

Jacqueline - So glad to have introduced this wonderful artist t you! Have a lovely weekend too!

Thank you Gabbi - yes, I was so surprised to find out he drew his own designs too - I think he was a bit if a Renaissance man!

Linda - I'm totally with you! I rack my brain for adjectives to describe his work and I keep coming back to "incredibly pretty"!

Lovely and full of detail--I was not familiar with this artist. Thanks!

Great stuff. Mika

I went to see an exhibition with his stuff in Venice not so long ago! It was truly amazing!

Tina - so glad I introduced his work to you - he's an absolute gem!

Thanks Mika - I agree!

Mothersvea - you've just described my idea of heaven! Going to Venice (my favourite city) and seeing a Barbier exhibition! Sigh! I bet it was lovely!

These are beautiful! And I bookmarked both sites :)

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