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May 26, 2009


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chuckle...yes and they're timeless too aren't they...

I love The New Yorker! The first cartoon is great. I like the art deco style.

I love the new yorker too. :) Thank you for sharing and i hope your having a good merry day and love to you!

I like your choice of cartoons! I'm a big New Yorker fan!

love this style. Mika

Nice and really humorous...They are now classics. Loved them.

Timeless - great descriptiong Chrisy! I think the second one could have been drawn yesterday actially - rather than almost 100 years ago!

Amelia, Jacqueline, Tracy - so good to hear from all your New Yorker fans!

Hi Mika, they are very stylish, aren't they? :)

Ann, the last one is especially a classic - you're right!

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