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May 20, 2009


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Sam she is beautiful...and i love the way you tell her story! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

i love the top you put her in..

Alex's story is quite intriguing!
And the color of her shirt is fabulous!

I like her already and would love to be invited to one of her tea parties.

Jacqueline - I'm not sure what possessd me to write that but I had a lot of fun doing it! Thank you!

Susann and Down and Out: I'm so glad you like that colour - I'm a huge fan of mustard yellow too! I've been itching to use that pastel for a while now!

I think she'd love to have you round Kate! You're her type of gal for sure!

i lUV her green eyse & rosy cheeks :)

thanks for stopping by my blog, i am so happy you did, as now i have a new favorite artist!


Gosh! Blushes all round Michelle! Thank so you very much - what a nice thing to say!

Hi Sam, Alex is just oozing olde worlde charm. Just beautiful as usual! On a different note, did you go to the Finders Keepers market in Sydney this last weekend?

I love this story, your blog, your drawings and the idea of going to one of Alex's parties!

Such an elegant girl... lovely dear Sam! xxoxo

Gorgeous scarf!

Hi Cate! Thank you on behalf of Alex - no I didn't get a chance to go to the Finders Keppers market much to my disappointment! I heard it was fab though!

Thank you so much Abigail! I think she'd love to have you there too!

Thank you as always Gabbi! You're very sweet!

Kathleen - Thank you! I don't think you see many "Mustard yellow" ensembles around in the shops much, do you?

She looks very beautiful, intelligent and independent. I love your description of her too.
I think she is one of the most powerful characters you've created.

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