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April 21, 2009


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Wonderful photos and post dear Sam, it's incredible to me that our public transportation systems have dwindled so much over the years and that only now they're starting to revive them. Brings all these conspiracy theories to mind on 'Big Oil' and they're plot to make us depend on them. I love the 'shooting through like a Bondi tram', it is sort of a nicer version of 'like a bat out of hell'? :)

I am hoping to see that exhibition on Sunday. I joined the Historic Houses Trust last year. It's been a good investment. I joined at th '50s Fair and can't wait to use my musuem passes.

Yes! Gabbi! I'm totally with you. I think it could possibly be something to do with big oil for sure. You also have a firm grasp of "to shoot through like a Bondi tram" it's exactly a simile for "like a bat out of hell"!

Kate! Fantastic to hear you've joined the Historic Houses. My Dad and I have been members for several years now and couldn't be happier. It really is a worthwhile organisation to support because they really do do fantastic work. I've never been t the Rose Seidler '50s Fair but it always looks fun from the photos I've seen - must go the next time it's on!

what great old pics!! I love trams, we used to have them here in Brisbane too, and I've heard talk of them making a come back !!

Sam, im jealous hehe i want holiday too! So happy to know that your having such a relaxing time. :) Yipee so happy to that you have been drawing..looking forward to your new art!

Oh did i tell you im loving this post? No? Not yet? Well i certainly do and im enjoying the walks as you take us through the exhibitions! Sydney is just so beautiful and im loving the history of it! Those pictures are great!!

I'm so happy we have something in can't stop drawing things and i can't stop sewing things! Have a lovly merry happy day dear friend and love to you and yours!

I didn't know Brisbane had trams too! Thanks Hayley - that's interesting to learn!

Yes, Jacqueline - we are both tragic makers of things I'm afraid! :)

This is quite embarrassing but I never knew that Sydney had trams. I grew up there (moved to the US for university) and didn't have the slightest clue. I'm taking a trip back home at the end of next month. Hopefully the exhibition is still up! A must see for me is Brett Whitely's studio.


Thanks for this post Sam, I'm going to get to the MoS to see the exhibition, didnt know it was on.
I love the fact that a lot of Sydneys roads werent paved, but woodblocked. It seems incredible that they were parquet flooring!
What was the drawing exhibition like?

Bandelle - I'm pretty sure the exhibition will still be on!

Ha! Kate, I didn't know that! Thank you! :)

I enjoyed the photos and the history of the trams in Sydney very much! Thank you.
We used to have trams in Tokyo too, long long long time ago lol It's a shame nobody even thinks about bringing trams back, because Tokyo is such a crazy busy city, the transportation system is perfect, and also Japanese love cars. I hate cars ..... :(

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