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April 22, 2009


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This is stunning!

Thank you MegRuth!

Sam, this is my new favorite!! She is soo beautiful! I went to japan too for holiday with my folks and it was FUN! I LOVE everything there and wanted to buy almost EVERYTHING i see. hehe Good thing dad was there to stop me. lol

have a lovely merry happy day and love to you and yours!

I love your illustration! I just posted about the book called "Geisha, A Life" that you will probably enjoy too. It was fascinating!


The geisha is so pretty.. I absolutely have to go to japan some day.. :)
It was fun reading about the radio stations there - I can't believe the train radio station.. that's hilarious!


Your Geisha is lovely Sam and your impression of Japan as a child sounds magical. I must visit one day... even if only to listen to the radio! :)

I love Kyoto too :)
Tokyo is of course the biggest city center in japan, lots of interesting things to see, but I personally do not like Tokyo very much, too many hectic and rude people and cars, no parks, no flowers, no greens.

You must be talking about 'Yusen Hoso' in Japan, it's not normal radio stations, you have to pay to listen to for normal radio stations I'm 100% sure we are one of the countries with fewest radio stations.

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