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November 29, 2008


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Your little friends look really cute. But i must admit i think i'll kinda freak out if i find these little ones in my kitchen lol Your very brave! n_n Happy weekend!

Actually to tell the truth they are a little scary! They are so "Hello here I am, where's the food?" and they walk right up to you with no fear! There's been many a time when I have t rush to close the door in their furry faces!

Awww- they are adorable! Our possums are so scary and hideous. I might have a problem intentionally leaving food out if our possums were so cute. : )

I have to admit, I'd be freaking out if these two walked into my kitchen!!! Cheeky they are indeed! Love your art...flew over here from your etsy which I found through someone's treasury!

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